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Novel - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2402: She Felt More Responsible rebel playground

Her imagination is at a mess and she couldn't imagine appropriately.

Only once she grew to be more robust could she encourage them to.

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"Your heart problems could be remedied by surgical treatments?"

"Certain." Qiao Chen nodded. "Once the time happens, Buddy-in-law will probably be my main operating specialist. He said that we might be standard after the surgical treatments."

When she became more powerful could she assist them.

I'm no longer a person who can expire at any time.

And the confession.

"Certain." Qiao Chen nodded. "Once the time arrives, Sibling-in-regulation will probably be my key cosmetic surgeon. He explained that we can be standard following the operation."

She was still attracted to him.

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"Good." Qiao Chen lifted his cappuccino glass too, and their cups clinked during the air.

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She'd questioned him about his condition right before, but he hadn't mentioned anything.

In the future, he went back to education.

She sought to quit, but she still possessed emotions and thoughts for Qiao Chen.

He could go after what he wanted.

Nonetheless, Shen Xin didn't discover how to answer back.

"Millimeters." Qiao Chen nodded. "But I'll be excellent after going through surgical procedures."

"Millimeters." Qiao Chen nodded. "But I'll be high-quality after starting surgical treatment."

On the other hand, Shen Xin didn't discover how to react.

She sensed a lot more dependable.

"Alright." Qiao Chen elevated his coffee mug too, along with their glasses clinked inside the oxygen.

She'd required him about his ailment ahead of, but he hadn't explained nearly anything.

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What she desired so badly in the past was now in their hands, but she didn't get the want to have it.

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"Coronary disease?" Shen Xin increased her sight in shock.

He finally replied to her thoughts and was eager to be with her.

"Fine." Qiao Chen increased his caffeine cup as well, and their glasses clinked on the fresh air.

"Shen Xin, you're still sole, proper? Can One follow you?" Qiao Chen inquired softly at some point.

So, I'm qualified to practice you in the future.

"Cardiovascular illnesses?" Shen Xin widened her view in great shock.

She desired to give up, but she still obtained sensations for Qiao Chen.

He finally replied to her sensations and was inclined to get along with her.

Her heart ached.

Qiao Chen obtained improved quite a bit after returning to institution. He obtained missing lots of excess weight and looked haggard. Furthermore, he couldn't enroll in actual education any more.

I also have the capacity to offer the daily life you would like. I'm not that weak fellow with absolutely nothing to his identify.

"Millimeters." Qiao Chen smiled. "Brother-in-rules is rather highly effective, In my opinion him far too."