Omoda debuts a plug-in hybrid SUV Omoda 7 larger than the Omoda 5.

The Chinese company just showed off its second car, the Omoda 7. It’s an SUV that will be bigger than the Omoda 5 and will come out next year. We expect this new SUV to come out in early 2025, but we don’t know much about it yet.

The Chinese company Chery owns the Omoda brand. Just two weeks ago, they said that they had registered almost 200,000 Omoda 5 cars worldwide. Of those, 202 have been sold in Spain. After the deal with EV Motors is done, they will also be made in the old Nissan plant in the Barcelona Free Zone.

The brand has only been sold in Spain for a few months. Even so, they already showed off the Omoda 7 at the company’s world offices in Wuhu, China. This second model is an SUV that is bigger and better equipped than the Omoda 5. It will also be the first plug-in hybrid from the Asian company.

It’s here: the new Omoda 7.

In a statement, the maker says, “The Omoda 7 was designed after looking closely at the needs of the new generations it targets.” They are part of a global audience with a young mindset and open to the latest advances. So, the car’s intelligent cabin, performance, and safety stand out.

The new Omoda 7 is shown as an SUV. Its body is 4.62 meters long, 1.87 meters wide, and 1.67 meters high. This lets it compete with cars like the MG HS, the Ford Kuga, the SsangYong Torres, the Peugeot 5008, and the Toyota RAV4. They are all in the large compact SUV market.

The 7 follows the brand’s “Stylish 360º” design language. The front of the car shows the pattern on the triangular grille. It has sharp headlights and a black bumper with a big lower part.

Protective elements go on the wheel arches and side skirts. There is a black roof and an A-pillar. The windows go up. The surfaces are clean. The back is complicated. The drivers can be seen with a lighting signature in the shape of a lightning bolt or a fall. A big rear window topped by a roof spoiler in the same color as the car’s body.

Omoda says the inside is “cozy.” It “provides a pleasant and tech experience.”” The driver’s seat has a 15.6-inch digital screen. It also has an infotainment system that can be controlled by mouth. It has a panoramic sound system with up to 14 speakers.

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Engines with electricity

According to Omoda, its new model is a “multi-energy SUV”. It will come out in early 2025 and have many different powertrains. The company hasn’t given away too much yet. But, they have said that the car will have a plug-in hybrid version. It can go over 1,200 kilometers without a refill.

The company makes this plug-in hybrid system. It says it has “state-of-the-art architecture.” This architecture gives “the best balance between performance, fuel use, and driving experience.””

The Omoda 7 will also have the newest safety and driving aid technology built in. The goal is to get five Euro NCAP stars for it. It will come out at the start of 2025, but we still don’t know if it will be sold in Spain at that time or later.

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