True Detective: Night Country (Review) 2024- A Riveting, Yet Controversial Finale

Unraveling the Season Finale (True Detective)

Well, we finally made it, guys. We’ve gotten to episode 6, the season finale of True Detective: Night Country. Uh, boy, what can I say about this? Uh, like we talked about like I’ve alluded to, uh, there’s a very distinct Wind River ripoff in the way that Annie K dies. She’s investigating the two oil scientists. She finds that they have been hiding the mine’s pollution levels. They have also been encouraging even higher levels. This helps them dig through the permafrost for the microorganism they’re researching.

Surprising Plot Twists (True Detective)

Probably the most shocking thing was that I just couldn’t believe it. But when they get caught, they dig through the ice and go into the night country and tunnels. Then, they quickly find themselves in a science room under Solal Station. I don’t remember them being that close to it, but it’s like 50 feet away and there they are, imagine that. They could have checked the scientists’ station. They might have found this without all this craziness. They could have just looked more at the station and found that secret door.

Ethical Dilemmas in Justice

But they catch Raymond Clark. He’s the one that says she’s awake, all cryptic. We know he had or it seems he had a relationship with Annie. So, they didn’t talk to him and ask what happened. Instead, they taped the recording of her screams and murder to his head. So, he had to sit there listening to it and crying. They went to hang out and make hot cocoa at the station. They did this because they think the default for a cop is to torture someone. They didn’t bother to find out if he was a suspect or witness before torturing him.

Characters’ Moral Turmoil

Once they learn, they’re almost going to kill him. But, then they’re like “Wait a minute, he could be a witness.” It’s pretty bad. You know, this wasn’t an established villain who had killed a bunch of children or something. When they found him, they were so angry they had to do something horrible to him. You could almost understand that. But, they don’t know his role in all this. Yet, they still choose to just torture him right off the bat. That’s why I said in my spoiler-free review that these characters go so far beyond the pale and become the worst. I found myself despising Denver and Navaro by the end of this show (True Detective).

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Familiar Phrases and Their Impact

The funniest moment in the whole episode, however, was when they were talking with him and he said “Time is a flat circle.” You know that’s just something that people say all over the world. It’s like this show has little Easter eggs for Tuttle and the spirals. The spirals are just what they warn people about the Ice. But throwing this one in, I’m just waiting to see the reaction here and on Reddit. Will some people be upset? There will be some people who are like “Oh my God who said the line.” But, I think many will be upset.

CU you can’t just take the line from the other show where it had its place within the philosophical framework of that show (True Detective). Then just throw it into this one. That’s not how you write new stories. It would be okay. It wouldn’t be quite the same. But, in House of the Dragon, if a character said “When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die,” it’s like when you play The House of the Dragon. You can’t just substitute Easter eggs, references, and Illusions for storytelling.

Retribution and Gender Dynamics

Beyond this, we learned that the scientists killed Annie. Then, the cleaning ladies, most of whom were indigenous women, killed the scientists. They kidnapped them at gunpoint, drove them out into the ice, made them strip, and then they froze to death. They tried to blame the ice, but no. They wouldn’t have died if they hadn’t been taken out to the ice. Why was it just women who killed them? Why not the men? I think because of girl power.

Veiled Truths and Hidden Agendas

I don’t understand it. If you’re trying to get revenge for this murder that you figured out, why wouldn’t you just why wouldn’t you know some of the men from the tribe come out there too? Not that the women can’t do it themselves. They have guns and they get surprised. But it just doesn’t make sense. You’d have just why it doesn’t make sense. It’s such an unsatisfying ending. Here now you have Navaro and Danvers who make it out. Even though there’s a blizzard Navaro rescues her from the ice water and all this. They find the women because they find the fingerprints on the hatch. Then we get this big Exposition about what happened.

They’re like, “We’re covering it up.” They cover it up for the women who killed the scientists. But that’s what the mind wanted. The cover-up was the point, to say it was a slab Avalanche or whatever. In the end, everybody wants it covered up and it is. Hank’s death is covered up. Rose, who’s the most useless character in the show (True Detective), helps Peter cover up Hank’s death. It’s horrible that they made him clean up his father’s corpse after he just had to murder him. That was a horrible thing to make him do. They acted like there was an urgency to get out to those tunnels right then or else.

Exploring Supernatural Elements

I still don’t understand. What was that urgency? Annie’s case was years old. They barely investigated the scientists they were told were not Foul Play. I’m glossing over bits. The torture scene was too much. The pacing was weird. And, the “time is a flat circle” line was too. It’s hard to see how anyone can like this finale. I mean, it doesn’t do the supernatural. It was just people doing it to people. I didn’t want it to be supernatural.

But they sure pushed that a lot with Novaro and her seeing the screaming ghost girl. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Many fan theories don’t come true. We get the Wind River knockoff. The scientist killed Annie and then the ladies killed the scientists. The whole thing is investigated in just a couple of weeks. This is very different from the rest of True Detective.


It usually has investigations that take years or longer. I just don’t see who the viewer is that walks away from this finale thinking it was a good show (True Detective). I understand seasons 2 and 3 were controversial, but I get why you could have liked them or not. I get why they’re controversial. But, they at least take us through these investigations.

With this one, it’s almost like it’s not a mystery at all. I may have more to say about it. I’ve been a little under the weather, so forgive me. I’m a little lowkey right now. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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