Kanye West Vultures 1 Review (Album)

Review for “Vultures 1”

The album “Vultures 1” by Kanye West and Tai Dollins was an incredible listening experience for the Patreon community. The album was praised for its late reg vibes and the humorous elements throughout. The album was compared to Kanye’s previous albums, such as “The Dawn” and “The New Yorker.” However, the album was not a complete surprise, as it did not receive any music from the listening party.

Fresh Approach and Old Kanye Vibes

The album was praised for its fresh approach and the fun atmosphere it created. The album felt like an old Kanye album in certain ways, with Kanye getting very brash and discussing women and wealth. One of the biggest highlights for the listeners was “Burn,” which featured beautiful orchestration production and Kanye wrapping his ass off with quotable bars.

Ty Dolla Impact

Some people were expecting Tai Dollin to be a side character or just the hookman on the album, but the album was not as bad as expected. Some fans found “Beg Forgiveness” to be the best performer on the album, with Kanye’s vocals and inflections giving chills from beginning to end. Tai Dollin also delivered sick choruses throughout the album, not a single week Horus on the entire tracklist. This was a major highlight for the listeners.

Memorable Tracks and Versatility

One of the most memorable songs on the album was “Hold On.” It was a playful and catchy song that left the listeners wanting more. The album also featured “Loti” and “Hold On.” Both tracks were enjoyable and showcased Kanye’s versatility and ability to deliver powerful lyrics.

Review of Vultures 1

In conclusion, the album “Vultures 1” by Kanye West and Tai Dollins was praised for its fresh approach and the fun atmosphere it created. While some may argue that Tai Dollin was a side character or just a hookman, the overall performance was impressive and left a lasting impression on the listeners.

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Praise for Production Quality

The reviewer discusses Kanye West’s album “Vultures 1″ which he describes as a mix of fun and serious music. He mentions the standout song, “Let’s Talk About Talking,” which was released as a single and featured North West giving a cute verse. The reviewer also appreciates the second half of the album, where Tai Dosin gets personal about wanting to provide for his daughter and family.

Mixed Reactions and Appreciation

The reviewer also praises the production as a whole, noting that Kanye West is known for his exceptional production. One example is the sample flip on “Good Don’t Die,” which is a smooth Temple-like song with euphoric elements. However, the reviewer dislikes the interpolation of “hood rat” from “Runaway and Good Life,” which bleeds too much into the vocals.

Track Review and Feedback

The reviewer also mentions Vultures, a song that grew on them, but is not impressed with “Skipper.” However, they do appreciate Bum J’s verse for “Vultures 1,” which starts with a braggadocious start and is one of the more pure hip-hop-centric songs off the album.

Initial Impressions and Favorite Tracks

The reviewer takes away from the album from the first listen, noting that “Hudat” is the worst song due to its awful ing. They also note that there are many bangers, such as dance club bang and “Payed,” which are enjoyable and addictive to listen to.

Album Treatment and Cohesiveness

The reviewer treats the album like a playlist, noting that it may not be the most cohesive album ever, as there isn’t much connective tissue between songs. However, they do enjoy some songs, such as “Vultures 1,” which was one of the most hyped-up songs from “The Listening Parties.”

Review Conclusion for “Vultures 1″

In conclusion, the reviewer finds Kanye West’s album “Vultures 1″ to be a mix of fun and serious music. They appreciate the production, the unique lyrics, and the catchy choruses, but also acknowledge that there is still room for improvement in terms of cohesiveness and connective tissue.

Admiration for Performances

The reviewer expresses admiration for Kanye West’s performance on the album “The Cutting Board,” stating that it exceeded expectations and was an enjoyable listening experience. They also mention the underrated performances of Rich the Kid and Kanye in the album, which they feel are underrated.

Hopes for Improvement

The reviewer is impressed with the production of the album and hopes that it will improve over time. They also mention that there have been changes made after the album’s release, which may lead to better mixing and mastering. Some areas, such as Kanye’s vocals feeling drowned out, may require more attention.

Anticipation for Future Additions

The reviewer also mentions the anticipation for new songs to be added to the next volume, as some songs, like “River” featuring Young Thug, were highly praised by the listening party. This could potentially lead to a future volume series within the series.

Accessibility and Featured Artists

The accessibility factor of the album is considered an all-time high for Kanye albums, with more consistency within the track list and fewer skips. The reviewer also mentions some features like “quore” and “YG” that could have been left out of the album.

Review Scores and Drum Beats

The reviewer is in between two different scores for the review, with an official album review expected within the next couple of days. They are impressed with the production, particularly the drum and bass beats. One song, “Baseline,” is described as having Brazilian Funk-like elements, which they believe will be a hit.

The reviewer also mentions that they are in between different scores for the review, but is impressed with the overall quality of the album. They are looking forward to seeing how Kanye West can match this quality for the next installments.


Overall, the reviewer is impressed with the album and looks forward to the release of more blockbuster albums in 2024. They thank the Patreon members for their support and look forward to the next installments.

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